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We focus on building cutting-edge music technology and providing infrastructure that scales with your business. Access everything you need inside an all-in-one platform experience including audio and video distribution, rights management, advanced payments, automatic royalty accounting, and daily performance analytics. Inside this exclusive community you’ll enjoy personalized support dedicated to supporting your business along with premium services and tools to grow your business on a global scale.

Audio & Video Supply Chain

From one convenient platform, efficiently package and deliver both your audio and visual content to meet partner specifications. No additional distributors needed.

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Global Distribution Simplified

Access to over 200 partners around the world. Monetize your music videos, sound recordings, and compositions from one platform.

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Royalty Payments

Let SecretNote be your royalty payment solution. Our Royalty Center will allow you to keep an eye on your bottom line by designating royalty splits for every contributor and paying stakeholders directly from the platform.

Advanced Rights Management

Manage complex ownership splits between stakeholders and set ownership by territory and/or asset type. Set your policies and see your UGC claims via mobile or desktop.

Data & Analytics

Be in the know and on the go. Monitor your top audio and video content on social media and digital service providers. Direct access to performance and revenue analytics anytime, anywhere.

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